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.COM File Extension

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File TypeDOS Command File
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CategoryExecutable Files
File Format Description

Executable program capable of being run by MS-DOS and Windows; saved in a binary format and is similar to an .EXE file, but differs in that it has a maximum size of roughly 64KB and it has no header or metadata; commonly used for executing a set of instructions whereas EXE files are used for fully developed programs.

Both DOS and Windows have used the ".com" extension for many years, and the ".com" extension shouldn't be confused with the ".com" Internet domain name.

NOTE: If a folder includes both EXE and COM files with the same filename (e.g., run.exe and, the DOS or Windows command prompt will run the COM file if you type the filename without the extension.

Common COM Filenames:

COMMAND.COM - The Windows shell program used by DOS and Windows 95, 98, and Me. It was replaced by cmd.exe in later versions of Windows.

Program(s) that open .COM files
Updated 8/24/2012