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.CIF File Extension

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File TypeEasy CD Creator Disk Image
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CategoryDisk Image Files
File Format Description

CD disc image format created by Corel and used by Roxio Easy CD Creator (now Roxio Creator); mounts as a physical CD in Windows and is viewable in "My Computer;" often used for creating backup copies of CDs.

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Updated 5/26/2009

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Crystallographic Information File
DeveloperInternational Union of Crystallography
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CategoryData Files
File Format Description

Crystallographic data exchange format developed by the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr); contains categories of crystallographic data used for archiving and distributing purposes.

The format was adopted in 1990 as a standard file structure and is regularly used for reporting crystal structure determinations. The CIF file contains data categories, such as _audit_, _atom_, _cell_, _database_, and _refine_. These categories contain information, including the CIF creation, atom type properties, cell parameters, data specified by the database managers, and data describing structure refinement parameters.

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Updated 12/18/2014