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.CGR File Extension

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File TypeCATIA Graphical Representation File
DeveloperDassault Systemes
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CategoryCAD Files
File Format Description

CAD file created by CATIA, a CAD application used for product design; saves the visualization of a design (.CATPART or .CATPRODUCT), but only stores the geometrical information required to view the model instead of all the CAD data.

CGR files are used for sending design drafts for review. They can also be inserted into Adobe .PDF documents using the Pro Extended version of Adobe Acrobat.

Program(s) that open .CGR files
Updated 9/13/2011

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File TypeQuest3D Channel Group File
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CategorySettings Files
File Format Description

File created by Quest3D, an engine used to create 3D programs; contains a group of "channels," or properties for the flow and display of objects, models, surfaces, textures, properties, and animations; used to store product visualizations, games, tutorials, animations, user interfaces, and immersive environments.

CGR files are always stored with complementing .IGR files, which contain the location of channels within the Quest3D Channel Graph layout pane. If the IGR files are missing, the channels will use a default layout and may be difficult to view.

CGR files are used in games such as Audiosurf, Leo, and The Endless Forest.

Program(s) that open .CGR files
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Icon Act-3D Quest3DExternal Link
Icon Act-3D Quest3D ViewerExternal Link
Autodesk 3ds Max Icon Autodesk 3ds Max 2016
Icon AudiosurfExternal Link
Icon Tale of Tales The Endless Forest
Updated 1/25/2010