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.CBZ File Extension

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File Type
This file is saved in a zipped format.
You can view the contents by unzipping it with a file decompression program.
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Comic Book Zip Archive
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CategoryCompressed Files
File Format Description

Comic book created in the Comic Book Zip (CBZ) format; saves multiple images organized into pages of the comic; similar to a .CBR file but uses .ZIP compression instead of .RAR compression.

CBZ files can be read using many different comic book viewers, including Comical and Calibre. You can also extract CBZ files with a decompression program and view the enclosed images manually. However, the order of the extracted images may not be correct.

NOTE: The Komik Reader application for Android is available for free or purchase.

Program(s) that open .CBZ files
Updated 6/2/2015

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File TypeChessBase Encrypted Database Archive
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CategoryData Files
File Format Description

File created by ChessBase, a program used for reviewing chess games played; saves all files for the database in a single archive and encrypts them with a user-specified password; allows databases to be shared securely.

NOTE: ChessBase databases by default are comprised of many different files, such as .CBH (header) and .CBG (game moves) files. Therefore, CBZ files are convenient ways to share all files in a single archive. You can also archive a database into a non-encrypted version by using the .CBV format.

Program(s) that open .CBZ files
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Updated 8/29/2012