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File TypeAutoCAD Block Template File
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CategoryCAD Files
File Format Description

Attribute extraction template used by AutoCAD, a 2D and 3D CAD design and documentation application; stores selected drawing elements used for publishing a drawing to a .PDF, .DWF, or .DWFX format; specifically stores the drawing blocks and their properties.

BLK files are used for controlling the data that is published to a sharable file. This is beneficial in situations where only certain types of information should be distributed. BLK files can be created in AutoCAD with the Block Template dialog box, or using the Attribute Extraction wizard.

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Updated 9/8/2010

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File TypeABBYY FineReader Area Template
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CategoryPage Layout Files
File Format Description

Template used by ABBYY FineReader, a program that allows users to convert images and other documents into searchable text documents; contains data that designates the area of a document that should be scanned by FineReader.

BLK files can be used to save time when scanning a large amount of documents with the same layout. You can create a BLK template that can be applied to your documents. Follow the directions below to create and apply templates.

To create a template, open your image and draw your area manually or let FineReader automatically analyze the layout, select Area → Save Area Template..., name the template, and click Save.

To apply an area template, select the pages you want to apply the template to in the "Pages" window. Then, select Area → Load Area Template..., select your desired template, choose "Selected pages" next to "Apply to," and click Open.

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Updated 8/14/2014