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.B3D File Extension

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File TypeBlitz3D Entity Model File
DeveloperBlitz Research
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Rare Uncommon Average Common Very Common
Category3D Image Files
File Format Description

3D model, or "entity," file used by Blitz3D, an application and simple programming language used to created 3D games; stores model information in "chunks;" may contain textures, brushes, vertices, triangles, meshes, bones, or animation data.

B3D files are used for storing video game models for characters, terrain, buildings, and other objects.

Program(s) that open .B3D files
Microsoft Windows Logo
Blitz Research Blitz3D Icon Blitz Research Blitz3DExternal Link
Ultimate Unwrap 3D Icon Ultimate Unwrap 3D with Blitz3D plug-inExternal Link
Irrlicht Icon Irrlicht
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Mac OS
Irrlicht Icon Irrlicht
Linux Logo
Irrlicht Icon Irrlicht
Updated 3/24/2011