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.ASD File Extension

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File TypeWord AutoSave File
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CategoryBackup Files
File Format Description

File created by Microsoft Word, a word processing program used to author documents; contains a snapshot copy of the currently opened Word document; used for automatic backup and recovery of documents in Word in case of an unplanned disruption or program crash.

The more recent versions of Word save ASD files to the following default directories:

Windows Vista/7: [user]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\

Windows XP: [user]\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\

The following versions of Microsoft Word use ASD files:

  • Word 2007
  • Word 2003
  • Word 2002 Standard Edition
  • Word 2000 Standard Edition
  • Word 97 Standard Edition
  • Word 95 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Word 95a
  • Word 7.x

NOTE: To open an ASD file manually in Word, choose File → Open, select "All Files (*.*)" in the File type list, and then choose your ASD file.

Program(s) that open .ASD files
Updated 7/15/2011

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File TypeAbleton Live Sample Analysis File
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CategoryAudio Files
File Format Description

File created by Ableton Live, an audio production application; created when a new sample is recorded or when a sample is imported for the first time; contains metadata about the audio sample that 1) enables the software to display waveform data, and 2) speeds up performance when stretching the sample to fit a particular meter.

Ableton Live creates ASD files in the same directory as the recorded or imported sound clip. The ASD filename is the sound clip filename with the ".asd" extension added. For example, if you import song.wav, the software creates song.wav.asd.

NOTE: If you do not want Ableton Live to create ASD files, turn off the "Create Analysis Files" option, which is located in the "File Folder" tab of the Preferences window.

Program(s) that open .ASD files
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Updated 8/29/2014