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.AIFF File Extension

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File TypeAudio Interchange File Format

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This file is saved in a binary format, which requires a specific program to read its contents.


High-quality audio file created using the (AIFF) file format; contains CD-quality audio stored in a non-compressed, lossless format, similar .WAV files; commonly used to burn audio CDs.

More Information

The AIFF file format is based on the Electronic Arts .IFF format and was originally developed by Apple Computer. Standard CD audio AIFF files are sampled at 44.1KHz, are 16-bit, and have two channels for stereo sound.

AIFF files are more commonly seen as .AIF on Windows systems.

Programs that open AIFF files
File Viewer Plus
Nullsoft Winamp
Apple iTunes
Apple QuickTime Player
Microsoft Windows Media Player
Roxio Creator NXT Pro 3
Adobe Audition CC 2015
Apple iTunes
Apple QuickTime Player
Roxio Toast 14
Adobe Audition CC 2015
Updated 8/31/2015